Technology for Learners - paper

This paper was the final assignement for the class. I chose to take a closer look at the positive benefits of social media in learning environments focusing on a few of the technologies studied in the class.

Identity, Language, and Classroom Learning

In this paper, I examine the effects of social media on identity development in young people. I also discuss the potential positive implications of the use of social media in classroom environments.

Social Media and Virtual Communities - project

Self Representation Through Avatars

In this project, I worked with a group to research gender norms within the virtual world of avatar creation. Our group conducted a study in which we asked our participants to create an avatar. We then looked at how closely the avatars represented the participants, taking note of differences with specific attention placed on gender. Our prezi outlines the project and presents our findings.

Group members included Scott Parks, Crystal Nwaneri and Shaun Stehly.

Design Thinking Bootcamp - projects

I participated in three design projects.

1. Redesign the ramen experience.

Working as individuals, we were taken through the design process in just one week. We were introduced to the basic steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. With freshman college students as my focus, I designed a new ramen noodle vending machine that would be strategically placed in college dorms to encourage a social aspect of the ramen experience to help alleviate homesickness and facilitate a sense of community.

2. Save small businesses by helping small businesses save.

Working in a group, we focused on the empathy phase of the design process as we conducted intensive interviews with a chocolatier who does most of his business in farmers markets. Through our interviews and observations we discovered that trading is very common amongst the vendor's. Our solution intended to make this process easier by creating a web-site showing all goods and services available by vendor and introducing a trading card that would keep track of trades.

Group members included Dan Nord, Jighar Mehta, and Kathryn Segovia.

3. Improve the Waiting Room Experience for PAMF (Palo Alto Medical Foundation)

In this group project, the emphasis was on the prototyping phase of the design process. Our group chose to focus on the elderly population and their waiting room experience. The link takes you to the video of our groups presentation which highlights our groups process and solution. Other group members: Daniel Cheng, Robyn Calder, and Abby Holaschutz.

Designing Technologies for Casual Learning - project


Working as a group, we set out to create a web-based mobile app that would support 8th graders in their transition to high school. The link takes you to the web-site that was a culmination of our work in the class.

Other group members: Teresa Tarn, David Kwek, Lauren Schmidt

Gender and Sexuality in Schools - project with paper

As a group, we investigated gender neutral housing on the Stanford campus. We looked critically at heteronormative assumptions underlying student housing and the potential consequences for those typically marginalized, especially members of the transgender community. Click here to see the paper.

Other group members: Julia Sebastian, Mia Divecha, and Lisa Wallace

The video can be viewed below.