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Relevant Teen Issues.


Short Video Clips- Short(about one minute), unscripted, and focused on one topic. In order for users to gain maximal benefits from the app and its mobile affordances, they need to be able to use the app in a variety of time segments, ranging from watching just one video to watching a series of videos. This will depend on the time and place of use and the needs of the user.  


Simple User Interface-Allows the user to navigate to the wanted video easily. This is especially important for an urgent question or concern. A complicated interface might dissuade the user from using the app and instead go to peers for advice or information which may not necessarily be accurate. The main page will have head shots of all the mentors. Users can click on a mentor to get to their videos or they can 'Browse by Topic" by clicking on the menu bar at the bottom of the page. The video pages will contain small screen shots of the videos with the topic for each. After viewing the video, the user will be able to choose to watch other videos by that same mentor, that same topic, or go back to the main page.


Links to Resources- A list of resources is available on the app. Just as videos can be chosen by topic, resources are also available by topic. On the main page at the bottom, there is a menu bar with resources as an option. Resources will include url's in addition to phone numbers for relevant hotlines. This feature is important as the teen mentors are not qualified professionals so access to reliable resources is necessary.

Limited Interaction Capabilities- While its important to offer interaction capabilities, the level of interaction is purposely left limited to avoid any inappropriate use of the app. For example, users will not be able to freely comment on the videos. I believe the potential harm of inappropriate use outweighs the possible benefits of more liberal interaction capabilities.


Future Features

Additional search capabilities-iveBeenThere will have more ways to sort videos. Currently, a user can search for videos by mentor and by topic. In the future, a user will be able to search by type of high school: private, parochial, or public. As the use of iveBeenThere expands, users will also be able to search for videos by geography. A user could search for all videos from New York, for example.


Ability for Users to Upload Their Own Videos-Users will be able to upload their own video clips, becoming the next generation of teen mentors. The videos will be screened for reliability of the content as appropriate and accurate. This is a future feature that will be implemented after iveBeenThere has had a chance to grow and generate a sizable number of users.