About Me

This web-site was created as my portfolio of work completed in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Stanford. Seven years later, I contine to feel extremely thankful for my experience in LDT. I have been able to implement much of what I have learned in my practice as an educator. I am currently in my fifth year as the Director of Sixth Grade and Middle School at St. Paul's Episcopal School in Oakland. Below is the original text from this page:


"I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to take a year off from teaching to get my Master's in Learning, Design, and Technology at Stanford. After fifteen years of teaching 8th grade Math/Science, I was more than ready to become a student again and immerse myself in learning theories, design principles, and educational technologies.


As educators, we owe it to our students to provide an education that is interwoven with appropriate educational technologies that enhance the learning experience by providing ways for students and teachers to share, reflect, collaborate, and create. Technology can no longer be viewed as a special add on.


Even if it weren't for the rich learning experiences afforded by the effective integration of technology, young people today are already immersed in a world of gadgets and social media. We have a responsibility to prepare them for a world that expects them to be fluent in these tools. It's important to remember that just because young people are growing up surrounded by social media and other digital technologies, it doesn't mean they understand how to be responsible, safe, and effective users. This is where schools need to step in and include this in the formal education process.


Thanks for visiting my site. While you're here, please make sure to take a look at the "iveBeenThere" tab which explains my culminating Master's project while at Stanford. I would appreciate any feedback you may have to share."